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What is XStocks?

XStocks is an online data anlytics solutions provider focuing on financial data for various equity, forex, and crypto currency markets across the world.
We are currently providing end of the day and some live data coverage for the US, India, Global FX, and Crypto currency markets. Our key strength is in helping DIY traders achieve their goal of identifying stocks of their choice based on both fundamental, and technical parameters.

How to use this website?

There are several ways to use the website. Three key uses of the website are.
a. Singel stock analysis: Type in the ticker or name of a company that you are interested in, and you will see all the technical, and fundamentl details of the company in a user friendly way. Intutitive chart complements the data anlytics.
b. Stock Screener: This user friendly screenr allows a user to setup stock screeners using both fundamental, and technical parameters.The easy to use wizard based screen builder helps one build stock screeners quickly. The user can also use pre-installed screeners to check names on a daily basis.
c. Pre-defined screens:Watch pre determined screens setup by XStocks team for making trading/investing decisions. When you login to our site, you will see tables showing stocks that are top/bottom performers, and stocks that are very active, or those that show unusual volume. The user can also look at some of the other pre-defined screens through the home page.

What is Screener?

Screener is a wizard based stock screening engine that helps a user quickly screen stocks based on their entry criteria. For example:- If someone wants to know the top performing stocks in Information technology sector over the past one month, this can be setup very quickly and easily using the screener. The following video gives a more detailed idea of how to use this tool.

At what time is the daily data available?

We try to upload end of day data as soon as it is available. Please give 4-6 hrs after market close to check for India data (both NSE, and BSE). In case of US stocks the data should be available as early as an hour after market close. We'll post any data related delays on our website.

Which markets are covered?

Currenly we cover all US stock exchanges, Indian equities (NSE, and BSE). We will soon start FX, Equity Index, and Crypto currencies.

When do you update fundamental data?

Fundamental data is update on a weekly basis every Saturday. Three months of historical fundamental data is currently available in our database.

How many days of historical screens are available?

Registered users get 3 days of historical screener data. Premium users can get up to 10 days of historical screener data as outlined in our pricing policy.

Do you have a mobile version of the app?

The website is responsive to screen size, and is built using mobile users in mind. When you login from a mobile device the screen size adjusts as per your device, and also the most relevant features are loaded automatically. You can still setup screens, view screener results, do single stock analyses, and check out our charts from the mobile device.

Do you support Excel UI?

We expose limited API which you can purchase seperately. API users can easily build excel interface as per their needs. The API section gives more details about the functionality exposed through the REST API.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

For cencellations please email us at Your subscription will be canceled at the end of the 30 day period for which you have made a payment. Any auto-renewals that you've signed up for will be terimnated and you will not incur any future charges.

Can we share screenshots from XStocks?

ofcourse yes. We encourage sharing of information with all friends and family.

What's the difference between XStocks and other similar services?

XStocks has been built by wall street veterans for the use of the community. At the heart of our service we have a vision to make investing easy for everyone. Accordingly we strive to bring accurate and advanced analytics to the retail users which was once a forte of the elite. We strongly believe that retail investors can do very well if they have access to the right tools. With this vision in mind we have built a data anlytics tool that gives advanced analytics in a user friendly manner.
XStocks provides access to a powerful screener based on both fundamental, as well as technical data that very few vendors provide.
We also give the flexibility to the user to create their own screens with maximum control over the parameters that they can use in setting up their own screens.
The users will also have the ability to generate screens for more than one past date. This can be very handy if you want to see historical screens and do some manual sanity checks.

Contact Us

For any suggestions or feature requests, or if you have any issues with the website
please contact us at:

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